The Indian Art and Design Educators Association, a visionary network of art related organizations that aims to provide support,direction and advocacy for quality visual arts education has pioneered.

On this platform, a host of enterprizing IADEA knowledge partners including the Nalanda Way Foundation, The Pomegranate Workshop, Art Reach India, Centre for Teacher Accreditation, RainbowFish Studio, Slam Out Loud, CSMVS museum, KNMA museum, Chennai Photo Biennale among others share innovate tools and learnings to create and promote the visual arts sans physical interaction.

What are  the challenges educators face with the unprecedented pivot from off-line to online art education? What would be the most engaging tools and  successful classroom management strategies ?  How best can this interaction be made more experiential for the teacher and the learner despite the lack of tactile engagement?

With an existing database of 250  of the best art lessons, invites art educators to submit their  most successful, original and popular learnings that have delighted students by 15th December 2020 to be considered for the launch edition of this curated resource library.  If the submission is selected, the contributor will receive credit on the website and the vibrant IADEA community.Lessons can be submitted as pdf or video at under the following categories –

  • Art for Emotional Well being
  • Best use of Elements of Art
  • Innovation in the Art Room
  • Art Integrated Learning
  • Promoting Artistic Process
  • Collaboration in the Art Room
  • Art Teaching Techniques
  • Instilling Creative Confidence
  • Art Projects for Children with Special Needs

IADEA,the brainchild of Sara Vetteth started in 2017 is a robust organization that has grown in the last 3 years to over 300 members from 30 cities across the country. Sandhya Gopinath leads the executive committee of Art Educators as curator of the lesson library. plans to launch in February 2021 with 500 of the most exciting and original contributions to curated submissions that would excite, inspire and elevate visual arts teaching and learning.