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Submit your Art Lessons

Here is a chance to submit your successful lessons you have used in your art room that have brought joy and learning to your students. The IADEA Executive Committee will select from among the lesson-plans received using standard rubrics for lesson assessment – see below. If selected you will be contacted and informed in advance and your name will be prominently placed along with the lesson to acknowledge your contribution. You will be helping your fellow art educators across the country.

Lesson Plan Assessment Rubric

Here are the rubrics for each of the categories for your reference, this will help in understanding the metrics for evaluation and selecting the appropriate lesson for your submission.

Best use of Elements of Art

Lessons where the students have been encouraged to use Art to create social awareness that benefits the community at large and impact individuals.
Image courtesy: Vidhi Sharma
Runner up at Camlin Art Teachers Excellence Awards 2019

Collaboration in the Art Room

Lessons that seamlessly facilitate successful student collaboration by encouraging communication, self-management, and leadership skills.
Image courtesy: Raghunath Jena
Runner up at Camlin Art Teachers Excellence Awards 2019

Art Teaching Techniques

Lessons that use a wide range of well chosen, effective teaching and learning strategies, questions, materials, technology, and groupings to accelerate student learning.

Image courtesy: Pragati Promod
Winner at Camlin Art Teachers Excellence Awards 2019

Instilling Creative Confidence

Lessons that best use tools, techniques and processes that are purposefully selected, thoroughly tested, explored and refined to effectively create effective works of art. The work is skillful, well controlled and confident.
Image courtesy: Manisha Lal
Winner at Camlin Art Teachers Excellence Awards 2019

Art Integrated Learning

Lessons that celebrate cross-curricular content and are presented through the visual arts medium. Seamlessly integrating art processes to better understand/present the learner’s understanding of concepts in other subjects and effectively communicating the learning.

Image courtesy: Amala Aiana and Deepa Shankar
Winner at Camlin Art Teachers Excellence Awards 2019

Emotional Well-being

Lessons that focus a great deal on Creativity of the learner and are designed to express hidden emotions, reduce stress, fear and anxiety, and promote a sense of autonomy in the classroom. Engaging the learners through visual arts to inspire and motivate, opening up possibilities for creative expression and imagination.
Image courtesy: Vidhi Sharma
Runner up at Camlin Art Teachers Excellence Awards 2019

Promoting Artistic Process

Lessons that encourage a wide range of ideas with sketches and media to show how the final work will look. A systematic investigation process with thorough reviewing, modifying and refining as the work progresses.
Image courtesy: Vidhi Sharma

How do I submit my lesson?

Each teacher can submit a maximum of 3 lesson plans. Simply fill up the form given below and hit submit. Deadline for submitting your lesson plans for the launch edition of the resource library: 15 October 2020, 5pm IST.
Submit lesson plans in Image+Text format.
Submit lesson plans in Video format.

Submission Guidelines for Video Lesson Plans

  1. The video must be shot horizontally and a ratio of 16:9 format
  2. The video duration must be between 8 to 10 minutes. (2 minutes can be the introduction and conclusion, while the other time is spent on the actual art activity of the lesson plan)
  3. Video clips must be submitted in mp4 format only and the file size should be between 100 to 150mb
  4. Please upload your final video clips to a Google Drive Folder. Share editor access to this Google Drive folder with Paste the Google Drive link in your online form (where prompted).

We welcome submissions from art teachers, educators, artists and professionals working in the field of art education!