Vijayaraghavan.S (b.1981) is a visual arts facilitator, IB-examiner, and IB-curriculum reviewer with more than a decade-long experience teaching school students in India and abroad. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the College of Art/University of Delhi (2008) and BAI advanced-level visual arts studio program at Berlin Art Institute, Berlin (2016). He strongly believes in the contemporary art approach to teaching Visual Arts enables students to rediscover the intelligence towards relationships by creating links with multiple disciplines and capitalise on imaginative novelty. He is a prolific painter and video artist whose work explores the intersection between self and society. He has been nominated for audience and jury award in the 60seconds short film festival by the Danish Art Foundation, Copenhagen, Denmark. Honorary Diploma in 2nd International Exhibition of Small Format Art, Lebanon. Vijay is currently facilitating visual arts, art & design at KC high international school, Chennai.