Deepthi Mathews teaches digital painting, animation and coffee painting classes for children with special needs. Professionally she was a software engineer, but resigned the job to concentrate more on the work related to differently abled children.She has a son having autism and who has a great passion for devices. She realized that his drawing skills are not so good but he likes colours. Soon I found that the best medium for his painting is digital art as he can use the mouse and keyboard very efficiently. Soon I found that many of the special children are fond of colours, even though they lack the drawing skill. There started her journey on teaching digital art.

She tried various paintings where drawing skills are least used, instead the inbuilt brushes and colour combinations play the major role. The second thing she noticed was that many children liked the aroma of coffee, which led her to introduce coffee painting. This coffee art is helpful in regulating the children with attention problems and reducing their anxiety level.