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Relief Clay Art

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“Relief Clay Art – Jamini Roy” is an opportunity for art lovers to recreate some of the most iconic artworks of the country in their own distinctive style.


To extend the mission of Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, which seeks to bridge the gap between art and the public.

Learning Outcomes

This coloring artwork is a rich compilation of striking painting techniques by the master, Jamini Roy. A pioneering effort, this artwork is based on KNMA’s outstanding collection. It provides a free rein to the user’s creativity with the option to replicate the artwork itself.

Process for the Lesson

KNMA urges art lovers to throw out the rules, pick up crayons, sketch pens, colored pens, pencil colors or even watercolors to create unique compositions to enjoy and share with family and friends.

– In the first step we will select any artwork done by Jamini Roy.

– Here we have taken the ‘Cat with Prawn Painting’ done by the artist itself.

– Now we will draw the outline of the artwork.

– For sculpting take Shilpkar Clay (having two packets).

– White one is Resin Base and Dark one is Hardener.

– Mix both of them well with you hands till it becomes fine white and soft.

– Now start by applying clay on cat and prawn.

– Give it a shape according to the design with your hands and fingers.

– Start coloring with the background first then coming to the foreground.

– Give details using small brushes.

– Finishing it by giving an outline with black color.

– Decorate this beautiful Relief Clay Art at your home.

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