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Self Portrait

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“Self Portrait inspired by Surendran Nair” is an opportunity for art lovers to recreate some of the most iconic artworks of the country in their own distinctive style.


To extend the mission of Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, which seeks to bridge the gap between art and the public.

Learning Outcomes

This colorful artwork is a rich compilation of striking painting techniques by the master, Surendran Nair A pioneering effort, this artwork is based on KNMA’s outstanding collection. It provides a free rein to the user’s creativity with the option to replicate the artwork itself.

Process for the Lesson

KNMA urges art lovers to throw out the rules, pick up crayons, sketch pens, colored pens, pencil colors or even watercolors to create unique compositions to enjoy and share with family and friends.

– So we will start by drawing an oval face shape on corrugated sheet.

– Then cut the oval shape and glue it on Cardboard.

– Now looking into the mirror, cut out different shapes of eyes, nose, ears, mouth. 

– Now we need to arrange all the cuttings and stick them on the face.

– Its time to get some colors now and we will start by coloring the background first.

– Add some details with the color in eyes, nose, lips and hairs. You can take a reference also from the Artist’s Artwork.

– Now cut four strips of 1inch thickness

– Paste them on the sides of the cardboard.

– Our Self Portrait is done!!

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