Lesson 18 – Understanding the elements of art

Aims and Objectives

  • Self-awareness Understanding art
  • Object identification
  • Understanding colour scheme
  • Understanding the artist
  • Why are elements of art important

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding art forms
  • Understanding the use of colours
  • Elements of art and their
  • Understanding the artist

Process for the Lesson

The teacher encourages discussion throughout the session

  • Ask the children to notice different objects around them.
  • Ask the pupils what they can cee in the given pictures.
  • Ask them what the different elements of art are seen in the given object.
  • Divide the class in two
  • One can see different sculptures
  • One can see different paintings (European paintings).
  • Let the kids compare each element on the given object. And try to identify the basic elements of art (color, line, shape, form, and texture) and how artists use these elements in different ways in their work.
  • Kids can make a note of different elements that they think the artist used to show in his sculpture or painting
  • Switch the groups and repeat the activity
  • Let the kids have a discussion and identify the differences
  • Each kid gets a drawing kit
  • The kid can choose one of the two objects (painting / sculpture) or a mixture of both art forms and create his own masterpiece
  • The kid is free to use his imagination and create an artwork. Kids can see different shapes used by the artist, different colour scales Understand the different textures, and specific motives used to depict something.

Activity 1: Paint any object or place they see around thinking they are the artist and how they want to portray the specific image

Activity 2: List different elements of art you see in the room

Activity 3: Give the kids a lump of clay and let them create a 3d model with the art elements they noticed.


o What can you see in the paintings / sculpture?

o What colours has the artist used?

o What are the shapes used by the artist?

o What different motives can you locate?

o What are the differences between the sculptures/ paintings?

o What do you like the most about your friend’s face?

o What are the different colours used by the artist?

o Are there any similarities between both?

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