Lesson 17 – Using nature as an inspiration to create art

Aims and Objectives
  • to encourage students to observe nature
  • to create sensitivity towards the environment
  • connecting nature to art
  • innovative learning
Learning Outcomes
  • Creative development
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Care for nature

Process for the Lesson

The teacher will begin her session by taking the children on a 10 min nature walk across the museum lawns. The kids will be encouraged to observe the various plants, insects, birds, animals etc around the campus.

Post the walk the kids are asked to settle down and share/write down any one interesting or beautiful thing they observed during the walk.

The teacher will done show them a few paintings or objects that depict nature (landscape paintings, taxidermied object, objects with animals inscribed etc.) and say that many artists have always used nature and drawn inspiration from it for their art work. She would then elaborate on the importance of nature not just in various art forms but also the need of a healthy environment for the survival of our race.

1) Leaf and watercolour printing: The students on their nature walk can be asked to collect 2-3 different fallen leaves. The teacher will provide them with paper (preferably suitable for watercolours). The kids will have to first have to spread water on the paper using a brush and then apply the paint layer. While the paint is still wet they will place their leaves on the paper and press them a little. Once the paint layer is completely dry only then should they be allowed to remove their leaves. This activity ensure that reproducing nature’s details is not left to individual technical drawing skill. Nature already did the hard work for you. And everyone has a masterpiece that they have created for themselves.

2) Drawing with shadows: Kids might not be able to draw a leaf on their own, but they can trace shapes more easily. This activity should be done outdoors. Ask the student to place a piece of paper under their favourite tree or branch casting a shadow under it. Have children trace the shapes of leaves and the stems to create beautiful and different patterns on their paper. This will help kids understand the concept of light and shadow as well as observe the different patterns different trees create.

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