Take One Picture – 27 Primary schools in London show wonderful art projects based inspired by one painting

For the 23rd annual edition of the “Take One Picture” exhibition at the National Gallery in London primary school children have responded to Pintoriccio’s painting “Penelope with Suitors” (https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/paintings/pintoricchio-penelope-with-the-suitors) from Homer’s Odyssey. Their creative responses reflect the richness of Homer’s epic story of Oysseus and Penelope which children discovered in the Pintoriccio painting.

From studies in portraiture and print making to flag designs and depiction of Voyages the exhibition celebrates the work of 27 schools across the UK !  Do explore the brilliant art projects designed by art educators from for their students. https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/media/25504/take-one-picture_list-of-works-2018.pdf

[This is a wonderful project we can do with our primary schools students – the first step is to identify a painting for them to use as their inspiration – the National Gallery of Modern Art delhi has a virtual gallery (http://ngmaindia.gov.in/showcase.asp) that could be a starting point.]